Dental Gold Value

Does my dental gold have any value?

Dentists have been using gold in crowns and other temporary dental restorations for many years, often leaving people to wonder if there is any value in their old dental gold once it is removed.  The value of one’s dental gold will vary and can be hard to determine without proper equipment.  Dentists often used a mixture of gold along with other alloys, which creates the problem of determining value.  Most crowns that are made today contain anywhere from 1%-40% of gold and can be mixed with other precious metals as well.  To answer the question, yes, your dental gold most likely does have value, it is just a matter of how much.


How do I determine my dental gold value?

Because of the mixture of alloys, testing dental gold can be much more difficult than finding the value of other karat gold pieces such as jewelry.  Home testing kits work well when determining gold content but the results will often be misleading when working with dental gold.  Other metals often found in dental gold can skew results that lead to a reading of a higher content of gold than it really is.  The most accurate way to find the value of your dental gold is for a refiner to perform a fire assay.  The fire assay method allows refiners to separate the gold from other metals and then weigh the gold alone to determine its value.  This process allows refiners to be extremely accurate when comparing using other tests with dental gold.


Is the value of dental gold equivalent to other gold?

Selling dental gold is no different than selling other scrap gold.  Refineries will melt the product and find use of the metal somewhere else.  To most people their dental gold has no purpose when it is removed, so selling old crowns can earn people some extra money for a relatively useless item.  Gold prices will vary from time to time but dental gold value will be no less than the prices of other equivalent scrap gold pieces.