Dental Gold Prices

As was mentioned on the Dental Gold Value page, dental gold is considered scrap gold and the price that a refinery is willing to pay for it will be based on the market at that time. The purity of the gold along with the amount of weight will determine the price of your dental gold. If you do happen to know the weight and purity of your dental gold, this calculator can determine its worth.

Scrap Gold Calculator

Current Gold Prices 

Many websites feature live updates on the price of gold as the market changes. It is important to track these changes in order to get the greatest price for your dental gold. This chart shows the current price of gold as well as other precious metals that you might find in your dental pieces.

Buying & Selling Gold Coins

Scrap gold such as dental gold and other old gold jewelry can be easily priced and analyzed. With the recent rise in gold prices, most gold coins are worth more for their gold than they are their face value and collectable value as well.  However, if you are thinking of selling gold coins, do some research at Sell Gold Coins to make sure you aren’t holding onto a collector item.  Or you can always ask Coinsters for a quote.